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Chonilla Podcast/Radio - #Chonilla / OH NO! YOU MISSED FRIDAY'S LIVE SHOW
« Last post by Sherasaurus on April 13, 2013, 05:07:29 PM »


This event occurred on Live (Guest Jacquetta) - Friday April 12, 2013

Our special guest Jacquetta Szathmari from Hey You Know It Podcast (catch their show on iTunes -

Check it out and Forward this pre-recorded invitation to anyone who might like this Spreecast! Or, use this link:
What is Going On? / Guest Blogger Needed
« Last post by Sherasaurus on October 23, 2012, 01:43:41 PM » are looking for guest bloggers (men and women) interested in writing relatable topics, but not limited to:

- Life observations real, realisations, humour (examples: have you ever notice, rants, ah ha moment, embarrassing moment, fears, confession, love, relationships, friendships ect...).

- Culture, Must-See Videos, New Experiences

- Top list submissions on any subject to be posted (the best will be read on the podcast.)

- Interracial topics, research, stories of love from interracial couples.

- Excerpt from your blogs or websites to introduce to our readers and listeners of your work again any topic is welcome either funny or for knowledge purposes.

- Bloggers are welcome as well to share a full article (old or new) with a brief author description and website link to your blog

- Guest writers who shares the latest odd / weird news and their take on the headline in a comical manner.

All submission will be reviewed and posted by the website creators and host discretion.

If you are interested please submit your article to feedback(at)chonilla(dot)come or tweet us a link to your article @chonilladotcom

Thank you, We look forward to some good reading.

- Sherley
TEL: 1-888-882-2887
I miss you guys and I'm now playing catch up listening to all the missed shows. My family had a awesome vacation we went to Bowling Green, KY and visit the Lost River Cave and wow it was great. I do watch bridezilla just to see how crazy women can act and I just could not believe that women act like a complete fool on national TV, there is no way if I was a man and my soon to be bride is acting so rude and disrespectful a wedding would NEVER happen. Jeanine is not a bridezilla she is an idiot and has zero class...Love you guys and keep up the good work
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